New year programme

23 Jan. 2018

We have many exciting initiatives on the go for the start of 2018. Our new Secretary, Richard Spedding, is involved with the national group looking into how we can help following major incidents – many Humanists would have felt the urge to get involved following the Grenfell fire, Manchester bomb or flooding events but we don’t currently have a structure. We are also considering how we might help on the ground locally during ‘normal’ times as volunteers.

Although Humanism is absolutely not a ‘faith’ in the conventional sense, some of us have got involved with local multi-faith groups to share our thoughts on community cohesion etc. These are in the early stages, and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

We have Andrew Copson, the CEO of Humanists UK, coming to speak to us in September and are very much looking forward to making this a wider event than just our group. And then in November we will be combining with colleagues to hold a regional Humanists get-together.

In addition we will still be holding our monthly informal meetings at the Black Horse in Preston