Meeting 15 November 2017

When: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wed 15th Nov.
The Black Horse
166 Friargate
The Black Horse

Two areas for discussion this month – one local and once global! Come along and thrash them about in our usual style!!

1. Halal meat is prescribed for all muslims, but there is no single pronouncement on whether an animal can be stunned prior to slaughter (to reduce its suffering). Lancashire CC have recently voted not to buy unstunned meat for its schools (they do at present). During the Council debate the Leader of the council mentioned that a previous working group on the subject was, effectively, biased because it contained 3 Muslims and a Jew. His assertion of fact was denounced by many in the chamber to be “racist”. The Council decision may disadvantage a section of society who will probably refuse to buy school meals, and may lead to some children eating less nutritious lunches.

a. Was the Council Leader making a racist comment when questioning the make-up of the previous sub-group on halal provision?
b. Has the Council neglected its duty to schoolchildren by removing their option to have unstunned halal meat?

2. “Nuclear weapons have kept the world relatively peaceful since the second world war”. This is an assertion by many people, and is borne out by statistics (in terms of major conflicts).

As humanists are we able to agree with this as being ‘realpolitik’ and accept the ongoing development and cost of the nuclear option, or should we condemn outright and look for the money to go towards healthcare and reduction of poverty?