September 2017 Meeting

When: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wed 20th Sept.
The Black Horse
166 Friargate
The Black Horse

We will have an informal discussion on the following topics;
1. What does yet another attack on innocent people (Parsons Green) tell us about the future of islamist extremism and our reaction to it? Reports tell us that people were trampled in the rush to escape from the station, yet politicians keep insisting that terrorism only brings the rest of us together and that we will not be cowed by these attrocities. How would you react if an arabic-looking person with a long beard and a rucksack sat next to you on a tube train? How significant is it that this was a timed device and not a suicide bomb?
2. A clip has been circulating on Facebook, including on our page, showing a woman drowning out a preacher on a university campus in the US by playing bagpipes loudly next to him. Whilst atheists may like the fact that his unpleasant rhetoric was effectively stopped by her actions, should we be concerned that his right to free speech was denied him?