August 2017 Meeting

When: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wed 16th Aug.
The Black Horse
166 Friargate
The Black Horse

The next meeting is on Wednesday 16th August at 7:30pm in the Black Horse, Friargate, Preston.

On the night we will choose two of the following subjects:-

1. “How Humanist are you?” is a question posed by Humanists UK on their website, and they helpfully provide an interactive questionnaire to answer the question for anyone who completes it.

But there are many definitions of what makes a Humanist, including this excerpt from Pear Cyclopaedia (1978 ed.) “That man should show respect to man, irrespective of class, race or creed is fundamental to the humanist attitude to life…”

Is it important for us to have similar views, or is Humanism quite a broad church?

2. It is 70 years since the partition of the Indian sub-continent into India, Pakistan and (ultimately) Bangladesh, predominantly on religious as well as political grounds.

The story of widespread atrocities and the 15 million refugees it created is still unknown by many in the UK, and apparently not talked about very much in those countries either, presumably because it is too painful and/or shameful to do so.

Given more recent events in Bosnia and Rwanda, it seems this could happen at any time and is not limited to 3rd World countries.

Is it inevitable that humans can and will continue to turn on each other in such a way, or do we feel that something may ultimately draw us together?

3. A further group of 18 men, of predominantly Pakistani origin, have been found guilty of grooming young, predominantly white, girls for sex. There have been well over a hundred now similarly convicted.

It has been said by the former Director of Public Prosecutions that this was a “profoundly racist crime” but it was not widely reported as such. The local MP also called for a Government investigation into the significance of the background culture of the men carrying out the crimes.

However a member of the Muslim Women’s Council, speaking on Radio 4, likened the offences to Jimmy Saville and asked why no similar link was being made to his Christianity. Her view is that it is mainly the broader issue of the treatment of women by men, in all parts of society that needs to be addressed.

Who is right?