19th July Meeting

When: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wed 19th July
The Black Horse
166 Friargate
The Black Horse

Our July meeting is at 7.30pm in the Black Horse, Friargate, Preston. It is an informal discussion on the following subjects;
1. “What’s the point?” (of our existence) is one of the fundamental questions we might ask ourselves. It is a question particularly asked of atheists existence, because theists may believe that without an afterlife this life is meaningless. Is there a “point” to our existence or is it completely meaningless?

2. The NHS and NICE make decisions about whether certain treatments will be funded. Part of the decision making process is the budgetary impact of providing a treatment, the greater the budgetary impact, the greater the opportunity cost. Eg if they agree to treatment for one person that costs £1 million, that’s £1 million less available to spend on the rest of the NHS. During the election campaign we heard that there was “no magic money tree” and yet money has been found for the DUP deal, and has been found in the past to bail the banks out and to fund wars etc. What do people think about the morality/humanity of these decisions?